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[Total Eclipse Games Blog] Game Usability Testing for Indies: It’s Easier than you Might Think! (Part 1)

As some of you may know, Total Eclipse is a small studio, with a core team of five. Even though we’re small, we consider usability testing very important. In the past, for three of our largest productions we had a publishing agreement. The publisher had been in charge of doing usability & beta testing for our games, with camera recordings, questionnaires, targeted [Περισσότερα…]

[Total Eclipse Games Blog] Managing Assets – Part 2: Setting Naming Conventions

This is the second part of the “Managing Assets” series of posts and deals with asset naming. If you missed the first part, on asset quality, you can find it here. Asset naming conventions reflect a really simple concept: How [Περισσότερα…]

[Total Eclipse Games Blog] The Story Behind Storytelling – Part 1

The Clockwork Story: Genesis The modern day has seen some dramatic changes in the field of writing. Less than a hundred years ago, a reader could expect a novel with paragraphs that went on for a page and exposition that [Περισσότερα…]

[Total Eclipse Games Blog] Managing Assets – Part 1: Setting Asset Quality

Today I’m going to talk about the way we work with assets here at Total Eclipse. This first post on asset management will discuss quality, forward planning, and balance. [Περισσότερα…]

[Total Eclipse Games Blog] Rapid game prototyping

It’s no secret that most game development studios, especially as they climb upwards (in budget, staff numbers, etc) tend to lose their will to risk. As game production costs rise, office space expands and rent goes up and staff expenditure [Περισσότερα…]

[Total Eclipse Games Blog] The App Store Experiment

About a month ago we launched Maya’s Dress Up, our first game for the iPhone & iPad. Like everyone else who gets involved in application development for the iOS App Store we were very curious to see how it would [Περισσότερα…]